Are you satisfied?

A recent Conference Board report reveals that only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their work. Which means 55% of Americans have jobs that suck (my words). I’m not too startled by these numbers. What does strike me is another data point in the report that claims workers under 25 expressed the most dissatisfaction – 64% of this demographic say they are unhappy in their jobs. 

64%? Seriously?!? Maybe it’s generational, but come on children! When I was 25, I was just happy to be earning a paycheck – the bulk of which went toward rent for my Jersey shore one bedroom studio apartment (good times). 

I shouldn’t just pick on the 25 year olds. The group of Americans who fall into the dissatisfied 55% also make me shake my head. In this economy we should all be fortunate to be on a payroll instead of an unemployment roll. 

Punching a clock, answering to the man, dealing with jackasses, and spending hours in traffic en route to a job that on a daily basis sucks the life out of you are not fun, but then again, neither is living in a cardboard box. 

I remember someone once saying that if work was fun, it would be called play.


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