I’m glad I wasn’t born yesterday!

Last week Mrs. McCullough and I were speaking to a woman regarding a possible real estate transaction. Everything was going well until the conversation turned to price. But first, here is the back story. Before we met with this woman, Mrs. McCullough had completed what could be called Ph.D. level research on the particular property we were considering. So going into our meeting, we knew pretty much all there was to know about the property including the appraised value!

When our potential seller mentioned a price that was nearly 50 percent above what the property was valued, Mrs. McCullough and I didn’t need to exchange words. We just shot each other a look perfected over the near two decades of our romance.  This is good, because if we had spoken, we would have told this woman to put down the crack pipe!

Had we engaged in this type of business deal in our youth, we probably wouldn’t have done as much homework prior to going into the lion’s den of negotiation and the outcome, financially, would have been different.

I’m glad the naïve rose-colored glasses of our youth have been replaced by the experienced (and sometimes skeptical) prescription lenses of Midlife.


One comment

  1. Kathy

    Hey John,
    Welcome to the world of real estate! 50% higher? Now that sounds like a lot but since I’ve been a Realtor (three years active) I’ve seen that in home prices, and land prices. These days, owners are a bit wiser in price value things are down about 25% on average in my area. Good for you and your wife checking the public records – it’s free to everyone but not everyone will do it.


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