Parenting and workplace parallels

Our daughter turned seven last week. Over the past seven years, I’ve come to learn that there are a number of interesting similarities between raising a child and handling co-workers.

Disclaimer: The Midlife Chronicles is not intended for yours truly to kvetch about co-workers, past, present or future. These are just observations culled from a joyous two decades in corporate America.

With that in mind, I’ve observed that in the time it takes for a highly trained professional to whine about (fill in the blank) task, that task could have been completed several times over. I’ve also observed that some seasoned veterans do in fact have skin that is as sensitive as a baby’s bottom. I’ve observed that the smallest, seemingly insignificant thing can cause an otherwise cool and collected person to fall to the ground in a tantrum – or as the old-timers used to say ‘pitch a fit’. 

Lastly, I’ve observed some folks who might benefit from advice I give our daughter. Don’t get pissy (added for effect — I don’t use that word with a seven year old) when a classmate gets an extra reward or praise from the teacher — stay focused (aka mind your business) on doing the best you can and perhaps some praise will come your way.

The birth of my daughter is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. The experience she’s given me in handling varying levels of maturity is just another reason why!


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