I went there…

…and took the little blue pill! NOT THAT BLUE PILL, but a little blue over the counter sleep aid, which – since said pill’s manufacturer hasn’t cut me an endorsement deal – shall remain nameless.

You see I’ve been ignoring the need to take a sleep aid for years, but at the urging of my favorite fellow mid-lifer, and she knows who she is, I had my Neo moment and took the little pill that sent me off into the Matrix of a good night sleep!

I can’t exactly identify when I began having trouble sleeping, but one thing is certain, the sleepless nights have grown in proportion with the level of responsibility (aka stress) that’s placed upon me at work. On the positive side, I’ve come up with a number of great ideas and ways to solve problems, as I lay awake at 3:00 am counting ceiling tiles. However, I’m too damn tired the next morning to put any of these schemes into motion.

Those days are behind me, thanks to the marvels of modern medicine!

Yes, the midlife journey continues! Gone are the carefree days of my youth before I had a fancy title or a four-walled office. Back then, I slept like a baby. I just hope I won’t be needing any additional medication any time soon to assist with any other bodily functions!


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