Medal winning reinvention

Have you heard about Elana Meyers? She’s the 25-year old bobsledder from Douglasville, Georgia who along with partner Erin Pac won the Olympic bronze medal.

What makes Meyers’ story so compelling is that in order to compete in the games, she went through a reinvention of sorts. Meyers originally played softball. A stand out at George Washington University, Meyers had her sights set on competing in the 2012 summer games. Unfortunately, the powers that be dropped softball as an Olympic sport. Instead of walking away from her Olympic dreams, she became interested in bobsledding. Long story short, she did what she had to do and went from a simple interest to proficiency to ultimately medal winning ability.

What a gutsy move! One that I find incredibly motivating. Perhaps you do too! She was denied in one area, but she refocused and captured success in a entirely new field.

Congratulations Elana!

Now, closer to home, I am personally involved in a story of reinvention.  A story that has not only motivated this blog post, but may also motivate me to push my sled down a new road.

An entrepreneurially focused co-worker is actively taking steps to launch a business and he’s asked yours truly to help create content for what will be his web site. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but this is the third or fourth time I’ve whipped out my pro-bono pen for a friend in need of a few well-chosen words.

Are the planets lining up for a midlife reinvention? Is it time for this cow to stop giving up her milk for free? Should I buy an industrial strength pair of Spanx and shimmy into a spandex jumpsuit to compete in the next winter Olympics?

Stay tuned, kind reader, as the answers to these and other pressing questions become revealed in future episodes of the Midlife Chronicles!



  1. John Skalko

    I would opt for remuneration. If your colleague were to contract with a commercial web site developer (content/design), he would pay through the nose. So, why do you entertain pro bono work (other than you have a big heart)?


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