RIP T-Bone!

Is it another one of those signs of midlife when your musical idols start passing away? I hope not, but it sure felt that way last week when I heard about the death of Tom “T-Bone” Wolk.


T-Bone was the long time bass player for Daryl Hall and John Oates. If you think back and remember the bass line that starts Maneater….yeah, that was T-Bone.

To this day, I still catch flak for being a Hall and Oates fan. My black friends wondered why my favorite band was white.  Come to think of it, my white friends wondered why my favorite band was white.  My headbanger and classic rock friends wrote Daryl and John off as too “pop,” and my indie/art rock fans said Hall and Oates were too commercial.

Although,  a few of my R&B friends did (and still do) give Daryl Hall the props he deserves as a singer.

Two words for you – SARA SMILE!


I was 14 years old when Elvis died on the crapper.  I was about 17 years old when that whack job shot Lennon.  I was in college when Marvin got shot by his pop.  Of course Elvis,  Lennon and Marvin were huge stars, but I never bought their records and I never saw them in concert.

When Michael Jackson passed away it didn’t hit me as hard. Like everyone else in the 80s, I bought Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad, but that was it.  I moved on.  Hall and Oates?? I saw them live the last time they played the Fox Theatre.

Rest in peace T-Bone!

I hope nobody else passes away anytime soon.


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