High maintenance or high standards?

I owe this post to my brother-in-law, who is also the father of a young daughter and who also writes a blog. In a recent post he wrote of his quandary over whether or not he is raising the bar too high with respect to setting an example for the type of guys his daughter might be interested in when she gets older.

I’ve been thinking about this also, but I guess I’m of the mind that it’s okay for our daughters to set a high standard. 

(From this point on, if it seems like I’ve checked my “Y” chromosome at the door, please forgive me. I’ll pick it up when I’m finished!) 

Before I became the father of a daughter, I admit there was a time when I grouped certain females under the category “high-maintenance.” But now that I’m partially responsible for the upbringing and development of a female, I’ve changed my world-view and have come to believe that it’s less about being high maintenance and more about setting and having high standards. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not running I.Q. tests and credit checks on the little boys at the playground, but if in 15 or 20 years from now my daughter is only interested in guys who can finish a sentence with a period and not a “you know what I’m saying?”, and guys for whom a grill is something you cook on and not a dental appliance, I won’t be upset – as I relax in my velvet track suit eating green gelatin  at the home for active adults. 

I guess I’m not ready to apologize if I’m raising a girl whose high standards may one day be mistaken for being high maintenance. 

(O.K. Let me reinsert my man parts….)

So, how do you think the Braves will do this season?


One comment

  1. Bea

    As a woman with high standards, I think you are doing just what your daughter needs you to do. It is unacceptable to settle for the sake of having someone.


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