My brand loyalty dilemma

It is yet another sign of advancing midlife when you start reading columns titled Cheapskate. Recently I read a column where the author looked into the long fought razor wars between Schick and Gillette. One of his conclusions is that despite the claims made by either razor company, he’s been able to enjoy just as good a shave with a much cheaper razor from CVS.

This article caught my attention for a couple of reasons. One, as you know, for me shaving is more than a couple of daily swipes along the neck and cheeks.  I use a razor in place of a comb and brush, so I’m more than a little familiar with what constitutes a great shave. Secondly, this article got me thinking about what my pals in the marketing department call “brand loyalty.”

I don’t get too moist over particular brands. I tend to decide based on price and features, except when it comes to razors. I really love shaving with … razors*.

There is no better way to start the day than with a nice, close shave with my trusty … razor. (Well, there is one thing better, but Midlife Chronicles is not that kind of blog!)

So I wonder, maybe I’m not the brand agnostic, independent thinker I thought I was! I mean, as I look around me, there is a particular brand of wine I like to drink. I wouldn’t be caught dead or at least near death in the ER without my favorite brand of under garments. Lastly, I’ve grown very fond of the manufacturer of this new notebook Mrs. McCullough bought for me last year.

Oh no! I’ve become just another lemming, another cog in the corporate machine!

On the other hand, maybe I just like using certain products over others! 

*I’m not a paid spokesman, so I’m not telling you which razor I use. If you really want to know, drop me a line.


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