Hey you look like…

I just got back from vacation in New Orleans. A great time was had by all! (I can only imagine the damage I could’ve done to my liver had I visited the Big Easy in my youth — but that’s another story!)

The McCulloughs in NOLA

Of course, I came back with a few more ounces under my belt – as was evidenced during a post-vacation trip to my neighborhood dry cleaner.

It was just another visit to drop off and pick up clothes until the counter guy says, “you look like T.D. Jakes.”  

Nothing against the good bishop, but I don’t quite see the resemblance. I guess it’s the grays in my goatee and the fact I am carrying around a few French quarter beignet and muffuletta pounds, which is quite evident in my puffy cheeks.

OK, with a wonderful vacation behind me (and around my waist) I guess I’ll try to drop a few pounds so I can go back to looking the way I am supposed to – like Steve Harvey, or the guy who played Hawk back in the 80s!


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