Watching where I sit

I consider myself pretty quiet and laid back, so when I run across someone quieter and more laid back than me, I feel compelled to check their pulse.

Such was the case not too long ago during a work related training session.

The room where I took the class was set up with a bunch of tables – each seating 5-6 people. At various time during the training, we were called on to answer questions and participate in brief team activities. It was during these team activities when I realized I was sitting at the wrong table, and here’s why. For the instructor, it was like pulling teeth to get the other guys at our table to answer questions, participate in the team exercises, or otherwise show any interest in the class. At various times, I was getting self-conscious (WHICH RARELY HAPPENS) over being the most vocal person at the table.

This class was one of a series of classes we’re required to take, so unless you’re a self-improvement geek like I am, mandatory training may not be your cup of tea, as seemed to be the case with my taciturn table mates.

The course offered pretty valuable material or at least I thought so. Next time, I’ll choose more wisely where I sit – maybe I’ll seek out the person who brings their own lampshade.


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