Why I’ll be renting Sex and the City 2

Even though a 46 year old heterosexual African-American male may not be in the demographic the producers of Sex and the City 2 are targeting, I’ll still be among those adding to the box office – albeit the DVD box office (Sorry, my first run bucks this summer are reserved for the Karate Kid, the A-Team, and The Expendables).

Since we’re all about candor here at the Midlife Chronicles, I must be honest. The only reason I will rent Sex and the City 2 is to see Liza Minnelli. There – I said it – I’m a Liza fan!

I became a Liza fan back in 1989, somewhat by accident. You see it was in 1989 when Frank, Sammy and Liza were performing their Frank, Liza & Sammy: The Ultimate Event tour.

It was also in 1989 when my father passed away.

My father was a huge Sammy Davis Jr. fan. After my father died, I tried to get my hands on any and everything Sammy, I guess as another way to remember my father. That’s when I came across a VHS copy of the Ultimate Event program.

I grew up listening to Sammy, and of course you can’t listen to Sammy without listening to Frank, but I don’t recall too many Liza 33 and a 1/3 platters playing on the Zenith entertainment console during my youth.

Here’s more history than you may care about, but Liza was not initially part of the original tour. She was brought on to replace Dean Martin, who backed out.

When I watched the concert recording, rather than fast forwarding through Liza’s set, I gave her chance. She wasn’t too bad. Every since, I’ve been a fan – not just as an entertainer, but I admire her resilience. She’s been through some ups and downs, but she’s still out there getting it done.

So yeah, when Sex and the City 2 comes out on DVD, I’ll be renting it, but not to see what’s going on with Carrie and Mr. Big, but to see one of my favorite (older) midlifers showing us why the show must go on.


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