I love a happy landing!

I’ve been a communications professional long enough to know that I would need to set one key rule before entering the blogosphere. Don’t write anything that will get you sued and/or fired. Which is one of the reasons I opted to write about, primarily, my life in the middle ages – a topic that avoids both of those pitfalls.

The post I’m submitting today is work-related, but the names have been changed to ensure I don’t violate my only content policy.

The economy flew into the widget factory where I work. Good news is I’m still a gainfully employed widget manager. Bad news is, a number of my pals have been told they will need to make widgets elsewhere.

The ray of sunshine in all of this is the story of one of my widget maker friends who was fortunate enough to land a new gig at another widget factory, literally one day after being let go.

I’ve been through my share of downsizings, rightsizings, re-orgs, re-engineerings, bubble bursts, RIFs, you name it, but I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing someone land in a new job before the ink is dry on the pink slip from the old job. (I could go on about what a blessing this is, but you don’t need me to tell you that, now do you?)

I think the widget maker of whom I speak is a new reader of the Chronicles, so if I’m correct, well done and congratulations!


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