Jackie’s cool, but don’t forget Bruce!

Enter the Dragon - Warner Bros.

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to hear a conversation between Zoe and me about Bruce Lee. This all came about after watching Jackie Chan in the new Karate Kid movie – a fantastic film that you should all go see immediately!!

I had a great time explaining to Zoe that long before Jackie Chan, there was Bruce Lee. In fact I even showed her the photo attached to this post of Bruce Lee putting a hurtin’ on a very young Jackie Chan in 1973’s future cult classic Enter the Dragon. She wasn’t very impressed. Unlike my friends and me were back on Drexel Avenue nearly 40 years ago, as we all tried to strike our best Bruce Lee poses. Me, I was a little on the thick side, so my strength was weaponry. I’ve got fond memories of my homemade broomstick and clothesline “num chucks”. I cracked myself in the head so many times with those damn things it explains my current level of mental acuity.

PS. If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you know that this blog isn’t solely intended as an outlet for me to bore you with stories of my youth. Every now and then, I like to use these pages as a repository for a life lesson or two that my lovely daughter may appreciate when she stops worshipping SpongeBob and Justin Bieber.

Case in point, here are the Top 5 lessons delivered in The Karate Kid (WARNING: You may come across a spoiler or two, so please be careful!)

  1. It’s not cool to beat someone when they’re down (well, most times it isn’t)
  2. The best fight is the fight you don’t have
  3. Always be strong and don’t give up
  4. Be respectful in all you do
  5. Pick up your clothes

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