Mistakes…I’ve made a few…

…for example:

  1. Back in the early 90s, I quit job “A” before getting a firm commitment from job “B”
  2. On more than one occasion, I made the mistake of not sucking up to the right people
  3. I’ve ignored my share of good advice and embraced my share of bad

But the one mistake I haven’t made is bad mouthing my bosses in Rolling Stone magazine!

Of course I’m talking about the final chapter in the military career of one Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Let’s put aside politics and whatever thoughts you may have about the military, but come on, when is it ever smart to crack jokes about your boss in print?!? (and I’ve had some bosses I’d like to…well you get the idea)

Water cooler chat is one thing, but venting to someone with press credentials – not so much.

Having worked on both sides of the media street, I can defend the journalist who did the reporting and I can defend the (now unemployed) McChrystal aide who wrote the obligatory it was a mistake reflecting poor judgment statement.

Gen. Petraeus will step in, the Afghanistan campaign will wage on, McChrystal will probably write a book or get a gig with Fox, and everyone will be just fine.

That’s the beauty of career mistakes. You do your best to avoid them, but when you can’t, take your lumps  (clean up your mess – if you can), learn your lessons and move on all the wiser.


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