To be loved

I am inspired by a post I saw on Facebook. It’s from Peter Shankman. Peter is a marketing guy who, among other things, specializes in social media.

He wrote in a recent status update:
In case you didn’t know, you couldn’t tell, or you haven’t heard, if you’re reading this right now on a computer, you’re rich. If you have somewhere to go today, you’re connected. And if there is anyone, anywhere, who for any reason knows where you are in this moment, you are loved.

This post made me think and here’s what I was thinking about.

Here in my middle ages, I am richer, better connected and more loved than I was during my youth. However, not solely in the ways you might think.

Let’s start with riches. As we speak, I’m typing on a computer, and since it’s a cute little notebook purchased with the McCullough family’s hard-earned dollars, by Peter’s definition, I’m rich. But for me, true riches go far beyond access to technology and stuff.

Rich with money? Not hardly, but at this stage in my life I’m rich in experiences, flush with self-awareness and liquid in my favorite middle age trait – sage common sense.

Moving on to connections. While I’m now sitting in my cozy home office, earlier today I did have somewhere to go – a little place I like to call work. According to Peter, I’m connected. By that standard, I’ve been connected every since I was 14, when I held down my first part-time job. In my mind, it’s not simply about being connected, it is the quality of those connections that count. Again, another aspect of life that has improved with age. Twenty years ago, back in a past life, I had places to go. They weren’t always the best places. I would patron one or two of the Jersey shore’s watering holes for an adult beverage after work. Now, after work, I go home, or if I really want to let my hair down (a physical impossibility I know, but go with it), I’ll swing by the grocery store or drop in on a PTA meeting.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about love!

Here’s where I’m 100% in agreement with Peter. In the room next door, there’s a 7 year old who knows where I am. My favorite midlifer is on the road for work, but she knows where I am. Yes, that’s love, but more important than having someone know where you are, I think there’s something to be said about someone caring about where you are.

That’s real love. In my youth, family notwithstanding, love was more along the lines of I love you man! Love, maybe during the moment – caring, I’m not so sure. Navigating my 20s and early 30s, I found myself asking the same question Foreigner did in ‘84, I wanna know what love is. I’m glad to say in the middle ages, I know the answer.



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