The end of nonconformity

I remember a high school bus trip to Williamsburg, VA. I think it was junior year, which would have been 1981. One of my classmates was showing off his shiny new Sony Walkman.


I thought it was so cool, but I didn’t get one until two or three years later. In fact, on that same trip I wore a couple of nondescript casual shirts because I avoided with a passion the ones with the little alligator.

In college, I remember one of my more affluent frat brothers had one of those new compact disc players. I thought it was cool, but I didn’t get one until a few years after graduation. (Yes, I almost entered the 90s still playing records!)

A couple of years ago, my favorite midlifer purchased an iPhone. I thought it was cool, but I didn’t get one until….NOW!

Yes I’ve upgraded to an iPhone. However, in keeping with my late adopter tradition, I got a refurbished, duct tape free 3G model.

I’ve never been one to run out to pick up the latest widget the minute it rolls off the assembly line. In my youth, as in the aforementioned Walkman and CD player examples, lack of disposable income was usually the reason.

In my post academic years despite having a paycheck (albeit a tiny one), credit and no common sense to use either very wisely, I still wasn’t a big fan of being the first kid in my garden apartment complex to purchase the latest and greatest gizmo.

About six years ago when I got my first iPod, I was a late adopter, after all there was nothing wrong with the Walkman I was still using!

I might have been able to salvage the last vestiges of nonconformity and stay fat and happy with my old nondescript not-so-smart phone, but unfortunately I saw how much fun Mrs. McCullough was having and all the cool things she could do that I couldn’t!

I’m weak! I folded! I’ve slipped over to the iSide! Conformity has replaced individuality. What will happen next? Will I start dropping four bills for a cup of fancy Seattle coffee? Will I start shopping in Buckhead?
Maybe I’ll get it all figured out after I download a few more apps!


One comment

  1. DivaSpeak

    Welcome to the wonderful world of iphone! It’s awesome as long as you don’t need to make any phone calls.

    When you go app shopping, get amazon, shazam, pandora, IMDB, epicurious, and bejeweled!


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