Holy crap, I think I did a Joe Biden!

Remember the kerfuffle that ensued back in ’07 when then Senator Biden described then Senator Obama as articulate, bright and clean?

Well, I think I made the same gaffe. Fortunately on a much smaller scale.

I made the impolitic remark about one of the more articulate, brighter and cleaner young men at my daughter’s day camp.

Mrs. McCullough constantly gets on me about mocking the – shall we say – intellect of some of the future male members of the class of 2020. But this time, I think I went too far in the other direction.

It all went down recently when I dropped by camp to pick up Zoe, when this articulate, bright, clean young man (arrrgh – I did it again!!) actually initiated a conversation with me!

I was dumbstruck. I experienced a mix of surprise and hope. I heard the angels sing, there are some nice (articulate, bright, clean) young men out there!

(Yeah, I can vaguely recall what goes on in the minds of articulate, bright, clean young men, having been one myself many, many years ago – but let me enjoy this moment.)

I shared my joy with Zoe. I said (in smaller 2nd grade level words) “what an articulate, bright clean young man!” Zoe bristled, “that line didn’t work for Biden and it’s not going to work for you!” Well, she didn’t really say that, but she was entirely unfazed. Apparently, this young man doesn’t engage in the unbridled, sugar-fueled frenzy like the other boys.

Oh well, another midlife parenting lesson learned (or in this case, young man lesson re-learned). What may be articulate, bright and clean to Dad is uninteresting, dull and boring to daughter.


One comment

  1. Rosemary

    Oh, honey, that’s brilliant! Though, believe it or not, when she finally settles down, it’ll be with the articulate, bright, clean type, and not with the frenzy sugar boys.


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