Say it loud…I’m old and I’m proud!

Just as I’m chatting up iPhone apps with my old boss and getting Linkedin to a recently retired colleague, along comes this story on CNN.

Older users flocking to Facebook, Twitter

I didn’t pay too much attention to the headline; it was the lead that caught my attention….

Nancy Ehrlich was nearing 50…..

Is this to imply that nearing 50 is considered being an older user? Does this mean that yours truly, with fewer than 48 months left in my 40s, is now an older user?

I think I’m going to go boom-boom in my Depends!

Oh well, I guess it’s just another aspect of moving through the middle ages. Or more specifically, moving through the demographics, those pesky little buckets marketing types (which I was at one point, so leave me alone) like to place people in.

Maybe it’s my line of work, or maybe it’s just the people I’m drawn to, but most of my friends, contemporaries and those older, are pretty adept technology users. It’s never felt as though we’ve all of a sudden decided to embark on a mass migration into social media. For many of us, it’s just another technology tool that we’ve picked up along the way. (Hey, before I forget, could somebody explain why I should care about Foursquare?)

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few luddites in my Rolodex.

You know the type; the ones who break into a cold sweat when you try to explain how to use a mouse’s right click functions, or the ones who get all deer in the headlights when you try to show them Ctrl key shortcuts.

It makes me laugh in my rocking chair thinking back to the early 90s when PowerPoint and LCD projectors were rapidly gaining their spot as the presentation tools of choice.

Good times! (image courtesy Wikipedia)

I worked with a guy who refused to give up his (old school) transparencies. It was pure sidebusting theatre watching him fumble with his slides and getting them just right on the overhead projector.

I digress. Forgive me, after all, I am an older user.



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