Sock it to me!

Earlier this week I participated in my second Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk. Upon my finish,  I performed a quick physical inventory:

Cardiovascular recovery – check!

No throbbing in the 46.5 year old knee joints – check!

Sore feet from wearing cheap socks – SYSTEM FAILURE!

Yes, I was done in by a pair of old, threadbare socks! I knew I was doomed, when five minutes after the start, it felt like someone was belt sanding my dogs!

Now, three days later, I’m walking around like Fred Sanford after too much Ripple because the bottoms of my feet are as tender as the manager’s special at Mortons.

I am by no means a serious runner, which is why I’ve never invested in the greatest shoes or the latest in perspiration wicking attire or those fancy padded socks. But much as my view of smart phones has changed, I guess I have to evolve my thinking around investing in better running gear.

Hey, since I’m upgrading my fitness garb, I wonder if I can find a few neon pieces, and maybe a head band or two?


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