Happy Anniversary!

The Midlife Chronicles

Welcome to my observations and musings about life in the middle ages. Midlife is not a crisis, it’s a time to celebrate making it this far and, while tomorrow isn’t promised, it’s an exciting time to look ahead and look forward to, for lack of a better word, life’s upperclassmen years.

And just like that, with my first post, I set up shop in the blogosphere!

I can’t believe the Midlife Chronicles is one year old! Time flies when you’re having fun.

I also can’t believe people are dropping in to see what’s going on.

Of course, I could go all marketing analytics on you and drone on with a bunch of statistics to illustrate how many unique views these pages have received, what referring pages are the most productive, how many links have been clicked, how many comments have been generated, but that would not only put us both to sleep; it would make this blog too much like a work product, which is something I’m proud to say I have vigorously avoided these past 12 months!

This is a very personal celebration. I am celebrating answering a challenge. You see, one year ago I wanted to see if I had the discipline to, each week,  conceive and compose a couple hundred word rant on a topic that was not related to my profession (I hope you’ll forgive me for depriving the world of another marketing/PR/corporate communications blog).

Now that I’ve proven to myself that I do have that discipline, I think I’ll take the day off and share with you a repeat of one of my favorite postings.

See you next week!

These are my gifts

I don’t have much use for a Wii, nor do I expect a Lexus with a big red bow to appear in my driveway. This Christmas, I am very blessed to be in receipt of several very special gifts. Here are the top 5:

I’m relatively healthy.
All the parts work and I’m smart enough to know the things I need to do to help keep them working.

I haven’t lost my mind.
We all know a few people with whom we’ve grown up who can’t say that and that’s all I have to say about that!

I can laugh at myself.
This old skin has gotten pretty thick over the years. Not only can I laugh at myself, please know, I won’t lose too much sleep if you decide you want to laugh at me.

The majority of my Facebook and LinkedIn contacts are really good friends.
In this day and age of networking and social media, it’s important to maintain real, non-digital friendships. I’m fortunate that over the years I’ve been able to do that.

My girls.
Last and certainly not least, I am a lucky man. I have a wife and a daughter who love me and that is the best present any man could ask for. The deeper I get into the middle ages, the less I worry about money and career. Of course, I want to provide for my family and enjoy a creature comfort every now and then, but I’m not driven by this. For me, my priority is being the best father and husband I can possibly be. If I get this right, everything else will fall into place.

By the way, this might be my wife’s first time reading this blog. If that’s the case, Carla I love you and Merry Christmas!


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