Class picture day

I went to a fashion show earlier this week. Milan? No. New York? No. Our neighborhood school bus stop? Yes!!

Monday was picture day for young Ms. McCullough. However, it could have easily been the runway at fashion week. All the little divas (and a few of the future metrosexual young men) were dressed in their Sunday best.

Usually Monday mornings at the neighborhood bus stop are pretty sleepy and somber, as the local youth worked up from their busy weekends quietly ease their way into a new week. This Monday was different. The bus stop was jubilantly awake with children striking poses and comparing new outfits. I joined in the excitement with my fellow parents, comparing sales and telling hair combing war stories.

One Mom made the disastrous mistake of forgetting Monday was picture day. Chaos ensued. Mom promised her daughter they would go to the mall to have the picture taken. The child wasn’t cool with this. Fortunately, one of the other parents reminded the mom on the ropes that the school always schedules a makeup day.

Whew! That was close.

As if you had to ask, I’ll share with you the new photos as soon as they’re available. In the meantime, your sentimental host was inspired to dig through a box of old photos to find a couple of vintage class pictures. I came across my first and second grade group photos.

Maybe one day I’ll grow out what’s left of the ‘fro, find an old school boy clip on tie and recapture the magic that was Holy Spirit Elementary School!


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