Maintaining a clip file

You thought I meant a media clip file??? Sorry about that my beloved communications colleagues! One day I may fill a cocktail napkin or two with my thoughts on clip files and everything else I’ve learned and observed over the past couple of decades earning a living in our august profession, but not today (But sooner if you’re buying the first round!).

The clip file of which I speak is an overflowing three ring binder of recipes I’ve been clipping and collecting (some might say hoarding) since George HW was in office.

This rough and rugged, rustic collection of concoctions came into my mental spotlight this week by accident. Specifically, while adding two new entries, I accidently dropped the damn thing and watched the contents fall to the ground like confetti during a ticker tape parade.

So after potty mouth John had his say, it was time to clean up my mess. As I was picking up each clip, I couldn’t help think about the history behind each recipe. For example, there is the broccoli and cavatelli recipe that goes back to my days in my beloved studio apartment in Neptune. Then there is the Emeril recipe Mrs. McCullough and I fondly call Big Ass Carrot Cake. We downloaded this one back in the day when they actually cooked on the Food Channel.

I came across a bootleg coconut shrimp recipe that I acquired in a futile attempt to recreate this delicious Red Lobster appetizer. Zoe has contributed to the binder. She downloaded, from Sprout, a recipe for Butterfly cupcakes. I’m still mired in the guilt of using a box cake instead of going from scratch.

One of the more bizarre entries is a recipe for pickled pig’s feet. I think this was one of my father’s recipes (a throwback to John Sr’s Augusta roots, where no part of the pig escaped the chopping block!).

For quite some time, scanning or otherwise electronically capturing and categorizing these snippets of gastronomic glee has been a to-do list item. It’s a task I’ve been subliminally avoiding. There is something to be said about a war torn, sauce and batter stained binder of dog eared edible memories. Digitizing these savory scripts would send all that charm out the window like the sweet porcine bouquet of bacon on a Sunday morning.

Instead, I’ll keep collecting and in 2011, I will make a more profound effort to dig deep into the archives and migrate some of these oldies but goodies from the clip file to the cooktop!

Let’s see, where to begin…who’s up for some pickled pigs feet?


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