As 2010 winds down, the McCullough household has reached two unbelievable milestones – both having to do with Zoe. One, for the first Christmas in eight years, Mommy and Daddy Santa didn’t set foot in Toys R Us. Sorry Fisher Price, Little Tykes and Mattel – one of your best customers has moved on to less childish things, like clothes, board games, video games and … wait for it….BOOKS!!! (as I write this, I’m looking over my shoulder as the accessories from last year’s must have – ZuZu Pets – sit abandoned in the corner like LeBron jerseys at the Cleveland Sports Authority)

Secondly, and especially hard for me to cope with, we’ve taken the booster seat out of our vehicles. That’s right; the little girl I first secured into a car seat for her first ride home is tall enough to ride comfortably (and safely) sans booster seat. Fortunately, we still have another 6 or 7 legal years before she is old enough to ride in the front seat. Of course we know those years will fly by! (If I had a pickup truck she’d be riding in the front already – gotta love Georgia motor vehicle regs!).

Also on the Christmas front, this marks the first time Zoe has selected a Christmas gift for her mother – uncoached and uninfluenced by yours truly! I am so proud that she picked something really cute, practical and in budget (well, more or less).

I’m keeping it short this week, As much as I enjoy your company – digitally speaking – you should all be logging off the world wide web to enjoy the season with your families and loved ones.

I wish you all – old friends and new – a joyous holiday season and a blessed new year overflowing with more love and laughs than you can handle!


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