Endurance II

I wasn’t going to post this week, given it’s that lazy, quiet period between Christmas and New Year’s. However, I came across a New York magazine article that I had to share. In a way, it’s a decent platform to launch the New Year.

You may recall several months ago, I posted a feature on the quieter half of my favorite musical duo – John Oates. I titled that piece Endurance. Today, please allow me to present to you a similar feature on Daryl Hall.

In the Endurance post, I rambled briefly about my longtime admiration of the musical stylings of Messrs. Oates and Hall. I won’t bore you again with the story of my first discovery of the band during a 1979 live concert broadcast on the old PRISM cable network out of Philly. Nor will I weigh you down with any recollections of how enigmatic I seemed to those wondering how a black kid who grew up playing Jackson 5 45s, listening to his father’s Ella, Nat and Sammy and his mother’s Diana, Marvin and Eddie & David (Kendricks and Ruffin of the Temptations that is) could hit the teen years and go all blue-eyed soul.

Don’t worry kind readers, I won’t get on my Hall and Oates soapbox and start defending She’s Gone as one of music’s greatest break up songs. Fear not as I don’t plan to pontificate on why Maneater was a perfect mirror that reflected the greed and excess of the 80s.

No, on this day, a few hours away from the start of a new year, I would like to again take a look at the idea of endurance.

This article on Daryl Hall and the earlier piece on John Oates tell the story of a couple of guys in their 60s who have weathered the storm of changing musical tastes and have landed at a point in their lives where they are securely comfortable in their own skin and are doing exactly what they love doing.

They have endured.

Many of you reading these pages (along with yours truly) still have a decade or two or three before reaching the big 60. With that in mind and with a new year approaching – wherever we are in life – it’s important to look within and ask (in my humble opinion) what are we doing to endure? What are we doing to be more comfortable in our own skin? Here’s the toughest question, what are we doing to get to a point where we love what we’re doing?

While I’m pretty good on the whole comfortable in my own skin thing, I, maybe like you, am still trying to resolve those other questions. I’m looking forward to 2011 and perhaps getting a step or two closer to the answer!

Happy New Year and here’s to making all your dreams come true!


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