Golden brown and delicious memories

I’m a kid with a new toy these days, thanks to the cool new waffle baker Santa delivered this past Christmas.

That’s right; I’m a simple guy. I don’t need no stinkin’ IPad or the like. Give me kitchen gadgetry and I get giddy like a young girl at a Bieber concert!

This gift not only quenched my thirst for small appliances, it has taught me a thing or two about the thermodynamics behind good waffle baking. You see, our now retired waffle apparatus – a large square-shaped device – always fell short of delivering a consistently crispy exterior across the entire waffle. We came to get used to it until we saw one of the smaller, circular-shaped bakers in action.

Not to get all Alton Brown on you, but I think the smaller, non-angular surface area of the circular baker provides much higher levels of waffle joy than the larger, square models.

WARNING – For those of you championing a New Year’s dieting resolution, you might want to stop here and drop back next week.

Why am I rambling on about waffles? Glad you asked! In my youth, waffles were a staple back on Drexel avenue. My father ran the kitchen and to my young, culinarily neophytic eyes, the process of making the batter (Yeah, from scratch – good for waffles. Not so good for other foods – think Eddie Murphy hamburgers) was a true art form.

I remember our old waffle iron – they weren’t called bakers back then. To my young eyes, this big appliance seemed to generate enough heat to launch an Apollo rocket. Energy efficiency wasn’t much of a selling point for appliances back in those days.

The cooking process wasn’t fancy. First went the application of a thin coat of butter. Next came the pour – freehand of course! Batter measuring devices are for wimps (like me!). Then in a few minutes, the waffle was golden brown, thirsty for syrup’s liquid sunshine and ready for consumption, along side a 100% pork sausage patty (I don’t think turkeys were bred for such things as bacon or sausage back in the 70s and early 80s).

Waffles weren’t on the menu every weekend, but when they were it was a moment to behold!

By the way, Zoe is now a waffle lover, so the family tradition continues. Right down to the pre-baking butter lubrication, it’s a tradition I’m proud to carry on. Unfortunately with a few tweaks, such as my girly man kitchen timer and a store bought mix.

Thanks to my yuletide lesson in waffle physics, I’m baking them up golden brown and delicious just like the old man!


One comment

  1. Rosemary

    Just a heads up … someday I am going to steal the phrase “culinarily neophytic.” I’m also smitten with a serious case of waffle baker envy … one was on my wish list, too! I got M&Ms instead (my kids know me a little too well 😉

    Happy New Year!



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