Winter weather events…then and now

A wintry mix of snow and freezing rain has gripped metro Atlanta. There seems to be more freezing rain than the fluffy white stuff that marked my winters back home and during my collegiate years.

As I write this post, I’m looking out of my window and I’m expecting to see a couple of Thrashers moving the puck down the street.

As a result of this – as the local media are calling it – major winter weather event, area schools have been forced to use snow days.

Speaking of the local media, why is it that forecasting the weather is a team sport? Every outlet has a (fill in the adjective) Weather Team. Guys like Herb Clarke and Jim O’Brien were real weathermen! They didn’t need no darn team backing them up! Forgive me…I digress!

Snow days…oh the memories and oh how the times have changed!

We learned that our county’s schools were closed Sunday night around 9:30 – on TV and online. I guess it’s good to find out the night before (what was pretty obvious) that school would be closed the next day. But I can’t help remembering my grade school days, during winter weather events, when we went to sleep wondering and guessing whether or not there would be school the next day. Then we would awake and tune into WOND or WFPG to get the news.

Snow closing lists weren’t computerized, which meant no A-Z auto sorting. You just couldn’t assume St. Nicks would be among the “s” schools. If you didn’t tune it at just the right time, you had to wait until the announcer re-read the entire list. That was part of the excitement!

Back then, snow days pretty much meant get up, eat, get dressed, go outside and stay outside until sunset. We weren’t much for snow men on Drexel avenue, we were more about intraneighborhood snow ball brawls.

Good times!

Of course, as mentioned earlier, it’s pretty icy outside, which means conditions aren’t suitable for any snow related activities.

Now, even in the best of neighborhoods, leaving the kids outside all day unsupervised is just not something that’s done, and I don’t think this is just an Atlanta point of view.

It’s great bonding when the entire family goes out to romp in the snow. Although I miss those seemingly carefree days when the whole family didn’t have to go out to romp in the snow.


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