Dance with our daughters again

Last week was the annual Father Daughter Dance at Zoe’s school. I’m proud of our school and our PTA for organizing a program that gives good men the opportunity and the venue to come out and spend serious quality time with their kids.

The program started promptly. Salad was on the table and the DJ was set and ready to go. To keep the girls in their seats and for the safety of the servers carrying large trays of hot entrees, the DJ saved the Willow Smith, Cee Lo and Usher until the meal was over. While we ate we got to hear some good…uh, I mean dinner music. One of those songs was La- La Means I Love You by the Delfonics.

In one of the funniest moments of the evening, during this song when the chorus played, totally unplanned, a handful of the older – shall we say 40+ dads – sang along… la la la la la la la la la means I love you… much to the collective embarrassment of their daughters. Of course Zoe, all too used to my eclectic musical tastes and propensity for busting out in song, was more amused than put off by this impromptu    a capella.

After dinner, the girls gave their dads one or two courtesy dances – almost as a warm up. By the third or fourth song, all the single ladies up in the club stepped out on their own. Pops were pushed to the side to snap pictures, fetch sweet tea refills and bond over the unknown mysteries (and certain drama) of our children’s rapidly approaching tweendom.

The DJ brought the night to a close with Luther’s Dance with My Father Again.

I guess it’s fortunate that Zoe and most of the girls in the room are still a bit too young to really understand the meaning behind that song. I looked around the dance floor and it was clear the fathers understood, as we held our girls close, blessed and grateful for the opportunity and privilege to dance with our daughters again.


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