Keeping things to yourself

In the wake of the flawless operation to neutralize Osama bin Laden, I, like many of my fellow Americans, am proud of our intelligence professionals, our military leadership, SEAL Team Six and of course our Commander-in-Chief.
Prime time cable talking heads, arm chair analysts and politicians of all stripes are and will continue to dissect all aspects of this landmark occasion in our history. So there’s no need for your humble host to add to the din.
What I will opine on, however, is our President’s ability to keep what will arguably be one of the biggest secrets of his administration.
The Huffington Post focuses on this aspect of the story.

According to accounts, the President gave the green light to the operation on Friday. After that, he went on about his regular schedule. He travelled to storm ravaged Alabama, spent some time with the Shuttle crew and delivered a commencement address. On Saturday night, hours before the first shots were fired, the President yukked it up at the Correspondents’ dinner – throughout it all, not giving any indication what was to occur Sunday on the other side of the world.
In my view, on top of everything else, you have to give the man credit for keeping such a huge piece of information hush-hush for pretty much the entire weekend – and apparently even longer than that based on the months of planning that went into this mission.
They say presidents age before our eyes during their time in office. Judging by the extra grays in the President’s hair these days, this may indeed be true. Mere mortals like you and me may never be called on to keep quiet something so important, and quite frankly, I’m fine with that.
As I write this post, I’m looking across the desk at a notepad where I’ve written down the password to our home wireless network – which is an example of how horribly I am at keeping confidential info under wraps.
That’s why if it were me sitting in the big chair in the Situation Room, I would have so told Carla what was going on. Do you think Michele knew?


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