High School Reunion

Well sorta! Earlier this week I had a fantastic time being an Atlanta tourist with two of my old high school classmates. One, traveled to ATL from North Dakota… I mean New Jersey (inside joke) and the other traveled from across town.

What made the day so special is that this impromptu reunion was so effortless. No one would ever know that it’s been nearly 30 years since we’ve seen each other. Even though we’re all seasoned midlifers, it really felt like we were three high school kids chatting it up between classes. 

My friend Lisa, who I’ve known since Kindergarten, lives here in Atlanta. What a blast it was to bond with her family. Her husband and I chatted briefly about our kids’ eating habits, her son and I shared an order of fried crawfish, while she and Carla talked Emory and related academic topics! It was very cool to reconnect. 

My friend Mims made the trek from my Garden State homeland. Mims and I are fellow Communications majors who were classmates in more classes than I can remember – the most challenging – senior year English. (Here come the hives!) In a short time together we shared pot liquor (Google it), covered a variety of topics – ranging from who among our classmates are doing well (and those who aren’t) to what our respective plans are for the next chapters of our lives. The taffy from Shriver’s in Ocean City was a big hit with Zoe! 


Lisa, Mims and yours truly


Carla and Zoe - World of Coke

On a side note, this visit enabled Carla, Zoe and me to check off two more items from our ATL tourism bucket list. For the first time we visited the World of Coca-Cola and dined on a nice low-cal lunch (yeah, right) at Mary Mac’s Tea Room

We left with a pledge that it wouldn’t be another 30 years before we see each other again. 

What a great day!


One comment

  1. Mims Mast

    What a great anecdotal entry!!! It was a day of laughter and re-connection. The editor in me wants to note that the spelling of the item on Mary Mac’s menu was literally pot likker….though after savoring it, I prefer your spelling.
    Love and krimpets from the jewish mother from North Dakota!


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