I’m motivated

You ask “Why am I motivated?” I learned that a former boss earned a long sought after master’s degree. Last week I spent time with a couple of old friends who are, respectively, running their own business and working toward a doctorate. Kirstie finished second on DWTS, and of course, my favorite midlifer wrapped up another successful semester and is closer to getting those wonderful letters R and N after her name. 

Motivation is a beautiful thing. It’s inspiring, it’s encouraging….it’s motivating! 

The aforementioned professional and academic achievements aren’t the only ways to be motivated. I remember my grandmother use to find motivation in waking up every morning, as she so eloquently put it, “in my right mind!” 

Some of us are motivated by our work. Some of us aren’t (You’ll have to guess which side I’m on, as frequent readers know how I dance like my favorite ballroomer Louis around the third-rail of discussing ‘the job’, so forgive the abruptly ended preceding sentence). 

Motivation can come in many forms – improving your golf game, grilling the perfect steak, enjoying good health, mastering a musical instrument (a personal favorite), getting more involved in your kid’s school (an evolving personal favorite we’ll talk more about in future episodes), penning the next New York Times best seller – you name it.  

I’ve said it before in these pages, but it bears repeating – one of the (many) positive side effects of arriving at these middle chapters of life is the perspective, the self-awareness and if you’re fortunate, the clarity that comes with knowing what you want and knowing what makes you happy…knowing what motivates you – and moving faster than SEAL Team 6 assaulting a Pakistani safe house to get the hell away from those things that de-motivate you!!

Stay motivated my friends!


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