The so-so decade

Did you hear that Nickelodeon is taking a walk down memory lane? Specifically, Teen Nick is bringing back some of their greatest hits of the 90s. 

Check out this article for the details – The Good Ol’ Days of 20 Years Ago

Keenan and Kal? Hey, that’s the guy from SNL. I never knew that! I was far from being a ‘teen’ back then so that’s probably why I never watched Keenan and Kal. However, while reading this article, my mind wondered back to the 90s in search of significant pop culture memories.

Sadly, I didn’t come up with too many.

What I do remember most about the 90s is what a busy decade those 10 years were.  There are pleasant memories – meeting and marrying Mrs. M, my 91 Civic hatchback (with gas mileage that puts my present SUV to shame) and my swank $500 a month one bedroom digs in Neptune, NJ. There are tense memories – in the form of significant career changes. Regretfully, there are sad memories – the loss of my parents. I guess that’s why there’s not much space on my mental floppy drive to house too many pop culture files. 

In contrast, Y2K and beyond were (and remain) great years. Looking further back, the 80s…well, that was a 10-year party. But the 90s, with the obvious exception of getting hitched, was a pretty mediocre decade.

For me, there aren’t too many pop culture memories beyond my futile attempts to get an S-curl like Babyface, disgust over Eddie Murphy stealing Halle Berry from David Allen Grier in Boomerang and Bill Clinton blowing sax on the Arsenio Hall show (the former chief exec and blowing woodwind instruments conjure up additional 90s memories, but I won’t stain this post with such a digression).

No regrets! The 90s were productive years spent cleaning up the empty beer bottles and other debris the 80s left behind and building a foundation for the wonderful years of a new millennium.


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