Learning the ropes

If you’re looking for a quick route to humility, try jumping rope with an 8-year old girl. It wasn’t my intention to jump rope with an 8-year old girl until this past Saturday when that 8-year old girl – my  daughter –  decided she wanted to exercise with me.

Never turning down a bonding opportunity, I said, what the heck!

I’m happy to report I survived the workout.  I’m also happy to report, that Zoe didn’t get that A in phys ed just for showing up! The girl is a beast, but I held my own, through our warm up, some gym class calisthenics and a just under a mile walk/jog/run around our neighborhood.

I was maintaining some shred of dignity until we returned home from our jaunt around the subdivision. Zoe decided she wanted to show me some fancy cross over move she learned jumping rope with her day camp buddies. She grabbed her rope and I dug out mine – the difference being Zoe’s been practicing and the last time I used mine, LA Gear sneakers were in style. 

Before I could say ruptured Achilles, Zoe is skipping like Ray Leonard before a Hagler fight. Not to be undone, I tried to keep up – I knew enough not to try the fancy cross over move – but I did my best, in pathetic bull in a china cabinet style.

Just when I began hearing the sound of Burgess Meredith in my head yelling “…you can’t win”, Zoe realized I wasn’t providing much of a challenge. She stopped and said – exhibiting a wisdom far beyond her eight years – “maybe you should practice more.” With that, the workout was over (and no, eight year olds don’t waste time cooling down like us middle agers).

School starts in a about a week and a half, along with its accompanying activities so it’s likely she’ll have more interesting things to do on a Saturday morning than training with the old man. 

I’ll keep skipping  just in case. Maybe I’ll get a rematch!


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