The beginning of the independence

School started today – third grade to be exact. Even though it’s just the first week, I’m seeing signs that this will be a year of change.

For starters, every year since Kindergarten, I’ve had the pleasure of labeling pretty much every piece of Zoe’s school gear. I never thought too much about it until this year when the ritual of identifying property took a new turn. Just as I was gearing up to write my daughter’s name a half-dozen or so times, my daughter grabbed my trusty Sharpie and neatly tagged all of her stuff.

Want another example? As we walked to the bus stop this morning, she politely indulged me and listened to my back to school pep talk. I don’t know how much got through because she was clearly more interested in comparing new outfits with her neighborhood BFFs.

Speaking of the bus stop…this year marked the first year we didn’t either take Zoe to school or tail the bus like the follow car in a presidential motorcade.

Finally, we had – uh, I mean she had homework tonight (yes, on the first day – what’s the world coming to??). It was an artsy craftsy kind of project and I’m proud to report that I was bumped from Creative Director down to entry-level coordinator!

A new school year is always an exciting time and this year will be no exception. I think I’ll give that pep talk another shot tomorrow.



  1. Deborah H. Bateman

    Good luck on your pep talk! I have five grand kids and today was a milestone for 4 of them, 1 in kindergarten, 1 in 1st grade, 1 in 2nd grade, 1 starting middle school. It is fun to watch them grow up, but sometimes they want to be independent too fast.


  2. Nikki Hoskin

    I enjoyed your blog and I don’t have kids, so that says something. I tried find how to subscribed, but was unable to do so, unless I am missing it. Which very much could be the case.

    Back to your post. I enjoyed reading the story. Without adding a whole lot of useless description, you kept it sweet, to the point, yet I could visualize everything. I must follow you.


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