Two new responsibilities

As a quick follow up to this week’s submission about the start of third grade and my daughter’s increasing independence, allow me to share the news of Zoe’s two new responsibilities. One, our new dog (who as of this writing doesn’t have a name, but we’re working on it). Two, new glasses (yes, the McCullough bad eye genes have kicked in).

Zoe and what's his name

Of course the dog is a family affair. We’ll all have a part in his care and maintenance (which is a fancy way of saying ‘cleaning poop’). But the glasses, Zoe will be solely responsible. Will they get lost? Will they get broken? We will see ( See, get it? See??).

I’ve noticed that the eyeglass choices kids have today are much more stylish than the options available back in the late 70s when I got my first pair. They’re not only more fashionable, they are more durable. Back in the day I thought I was cutting age with my scratch proof (yeah, right) plastic lenses. Now, frames have industrial strength springs and hinges and the lenses are all high-tech polycarbonate, Kevlar enforced, with built in solar shields or some such high-tech (pay extra) option.

I’m anxious to see how young Ms. McCullough does helping take care of the dog with no name and her new specs. If she gets these right, it’ll just be a matter of time before she asks to borrow the car!



  1. Becky

    You won’t regret the dog! They are a lot of work but very worthwhile! I’m really a cat person, but I still adore our border collie. 🙂


  2. Nader Ashway

    I think having a dog is an excellent opportunity for Zoe to learn about responsibilities, time management and the value of contributing in a relationship. Sounds like a lot for a third grader, but like you said, they sure do grow up fast.

    I would suggest you make the dog-naming exercise something special, and allow Zoe to be creative. Help her to draw from things that are important to her in her life: ideas that represent feelings, or good memories, or even challenge her to project into the future: what might she want to be calling the dog in a few years? This will help her form a creative process on her own – an invaluable lesson at ANY age.



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