Checking in

I saw a CNN interview with Dennis Crowley, the CEO of Foursquare. If you’re not familiar, Foursquare is a social networking site that allows you to check in at locations through your mobile device.

Apparently President Obama is using this for campaign purposes. I first learned of Foursquare about a year ago during a meeting with a prospective vendor where I was told Foursquare would be the next big thing in customer engagement. 

Of course as a highly trained, seasoned business communications professional it’s important I live not just on the leading edge, but in the sweet spot at the intersection of optimization and monetization, so at any moment I can authentically gain more mindshare and do a deep dive to discuss at a high level actionable synergies and organic solutions that enable effective influence…..

Help me please, call Mitch Buchannon, I’m drowning in a sea of buzz words! 

This is, yet another reason, why I’d rather soak my head in Rogaine, grow my hair back and pull it out strand by strand than spend too much time writing about “the job!” 

Anyway, while I understand (and make a living thanks to) the whole engage your customers thing, as a user I struggle with why I need to inform you of (let alone your interest in) my every move on a minute by minute basis. 

There was a time when checking in involved picking up a phone, writing a letter or – wait for it – having a face to face conversation…I say with all hypocritical irony as I communicate via the Internet to the two or three people reading this rant. 

I don’t think I’m becoming a luddite in my middle age, but I question if you really care that I’ve checked in at the salon for a wax, a mani and pedi (What? It could happen!). 

But if Foursquare is good enough for my Commander-in-Chief (or more specifically the Gen Y staffers running his social media machine), I guess it is my patriotic duty to give it a more profound look. 

As soon as I’m finished here, I plan to visit the all night holistic spa down the street for a Swiss chard, rice milk smoothie nightcap and my monthly colonic. I’ll check in with you when I get there.


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