Narcissism or realism?

“I don’t really strain my voice,” Hall said. “As long as I look good, everything’s fine.”

As a seeker of wisdom from wherever I can find it, I’m intrigued by this line from a recent feature interview with Daryl Hall. Don’t strain, just look good.

Is it narcissism to focus more on looking good than straining to be good? I just don’t know. Perhaps if you’ve worked long enough to really be good, you don’t have to strain too hard to look it!

Deep philosophy makes my head hurt sometimes!!



  1. Nikki

    Narcism is thinking you are great despite the fact that you and everyone around you know you’re not. What Daryl Hall has is egotism at it’s fullest which is a sad thing because this has turned me off from him now. Daryl Hall is a talented person and it’s unfortunate that he thinks so highly of himself. That’s the fans job.

    I will be deleting Sara Smile from my iPod.


  2. Kerri Randall

    I don’t follow Daryl Hall, but I am a singer, and my songwriting partner is a big Hall and Oates fan, so I’ve seen some of the Live from Daryl’s House episodes. Coming from a music background, I have to believe he was referring solely to performance, particularly at this point in his career. His voice is still good but isn’t what it used to be, and if he wants to continue to perform, he can’t strain it. When it comes to performance itself, if someone or something looks bad, subconsciously for the viewer, it can take away from the effect of the song. For example, I like Kenny Rogers but I think he looks terrible lately and it’s hard to watch him sing cuz that’s all I can focus on.

    I disagree that everyone in the entertainment industry is a narcissist, but it is a reality that the industry itself puts a ton of focus on appearance, so it is something that needs to be considered carefully alongside talent, emotion, and passion. And either way, you don’t have to condone an artist’s personal life or comments to like their music. I think people should be able to separate the two. Of course, there’s extreme instances when someone’s actions can be so bad that it does take away from their music, but I think the simple act of worrying about looks (as everyone does) is nowhere near bad enough to be grounds for no longer liking an artist. =)


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