The great protector

Who knew 35 pounds of cuteness had a badass side? Our sweet little puggle Rocky has proven himself to be quite the watchdog.

Don't let the cuteness fool you!

Cases in point:

While Rocky and Mrs. McCullough were walking through our neighborhood, a construction guy asks for directions – Rocky immediately inserts himself between Mrs. M and the hardhat, pokes out his chest and bares his teeth.

Last week during a predawn stroll, in the not so far distance, three deer ran past us into the woods. Rocky interrupts his bladder emptying and jumps in front of me and takes a defensive stance reminiscent of Bruce Lee squaring off against Chuck Norris back in the day.

Lastly, in the most endearing example, nightly Rocky pops his head into Zoe’s room just to make sure she’s OK.

It’s only taken a month or so, but Rocky has certainly become a loved and loving member of the McCullough pack – and probably next to Momma bear Mrs. M. — the toughest!


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