Saturday at the movies

Killer Elite is a new film with Bobby De Niro and Jason Statham. As a fan of both guys it would make sense that I’d check out their film. I didn’t. Instead, this evening I went with Zoe and Mrs. M to see Abduction – the new movie with that dude with the six-pack and neon smile from the vampire movies – Taylor Lautner.

I had serious doubts that a pretty boy could do the action movie thing, but I’m happy to report that young Mr. Lautner left the whole brooding werewolf thing behind and delivered a solid performance.

The movie had all the tried and true elements – the geeky best friend, a crooked CIA agent, a romantic interest with the girl next door (literally) and foreign bad guys with funky eastern European accents.

Lautner’s got a way to go before he can hang with the likes of Statham and Sly (although that may change next year), but my daughter’s first cinematic heart throb is off to a pretty good start.


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