I’m not a white glove wielding neat freak by any means, but I really don’t dig clutter and disorganization. That’s why this morning, I spent a couple of hours tidying up our basement. A space which has become a bit of a catchall room.

While in the midst of my organizing jag, I couldn’t help going through the bin that houses an assortment of gadgets and electronics, from an old Walkman to a handful of floppy discs, a few old Bell Atlantic (Verizon Wireless long before ‘can you hear me now’) cell phones and pagers and a couple of cameras that used what was called back in the day ‘film’. 

Cutting edge tech at its finest!

Odds are, whatever data is on those floppies will never see the light of day and it’s not likely that I’ll pop my old Voices cassette into the Walkman and don a pair of neon legwarmers for a workout tomorrow morning.

Still, I don’t know why I can’t part with these examples of modern technology from a day long past.

I don’t expect to get a call from Sotheby’s interested in my old gear for an auction of obsolete technology. But if they do, these relics are packed and ready to go – except for my old camera. (I think she’s on the Web now trying to find someone in Atlanta who sells Polaroid film!)

Say cheese!



  1. Cathy Kenyon

    I don’t have one room for a catchall, but beware when you open any of the closets. I, too, can not seem to part with anything that looks technical or any of the cords (I don’t know what they go to, but if I find something that needs plugged in, I will have options.) My midlife chronicle is about my diet and need to lose weight and can be viewed at


  2. Michael Charney (@BeckIsALib)

    Ahhh… you’ve hit a nerve here! It’s not just old tech that lives in my basement netherworld… I’ve have books that not only will I never read again, but I didn’t even like! And yet they’ve never made the donate-to-the-library pile. I’ve have furniture for a screened porch that I don’t have (the porch, that is), and haven’t had for years and years. I have tools whose purpose remains mysterious. I also have paintings and assorted accoutrement that will never, ever be needed… And yet….. ahhh… there they stay….


  3. Sandra McLeod Humphrey

    I can relate more to Michael on this. I don’t have any old techie stuff just hanging out in our home (actually, I don’t even have much new techie stuff hanging out), but if we’re going to talk about books, I’m definitely with you! We’ve got bookcases and bookcases of books and I just can’t bring myself to part with them. I think I could part with them if I knew they were going to “a good home,” but I would hate to see them just tossed into a pile or stuffed away in some bookcase never to see the light of day again!


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