Beginning to pass the torch

As our brine soaked, dry rubbed guest of honor slowly roasts toward savory, with a hint of hot and sweet, deliciousness, it dawned on me what a fortunate man I am. 

I am blessed in so many ways – family, friends, good health – and I’m extremely thankful for those blessings – not only on the last Thursday in November – but each and every day. 

In fact, the only real worry I have this Thanksgiving, besides running out of the grape, is having to take an old school “juices run clear” temperature reading on my bird as the result of a digital thermometer that picks today of all days to act up! 

Now if I had to pick one special thing for which I’m thankful, it would have to be my daughter’s dawning culinary point of view (a point of view that opines my cobbler is too crusty, but that’s another story). Since early October she’s looked forward to Thanksgiving. Not for the turkey, but for what has become her Thanksgiving dish – mashed butternut squash.

A Master chef in the making!

Don’t ask me why. It was just a random side last Thanksgiving, but for some reason, Zoe took to it. Not only does she enjoy eating it, but she enjoys helping prepare it. 

Who knows, today a side dish, maybe tomorrow she’ll be getting up before dawn to make the brine.




  1. Corri

    Hey John, sitting in Australia leaves me little understanding of Thanksgiving – but I totally understand about counting your blessings each and every day! 🙂


  2. Karen Carmody

    That is so wonderful that your daughter was so excited to help with the meal. My daughter, who got married in May, cooked her first Thanksgiving meal. She has enjoyed cooking for a long time but it was especially nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the meal without having to worry so much over making it. I helped some (as mom’s do) but I did very little compared to past Thanksgivings. Children are a blessing.


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