Who’s backing you up?

I checked the Chronicles’ archives and it’s been a minute since I last expressed my 30+ years of idolatry of the greatest musical duo of all time, so I’m overdue for including Daryl and John (because in my mind we’re on a first name basis) in these pages.

Esquire magazine interviewed John Oates as part of its What I’ve Learned feature. It’s worth a read.

Courtesy of the Hall and Oates blog http://www.oohyeah.org

Who knew a guy who bopped around on stage in red leather pants nearly 30 years ago could be so insightful! (alas, I was never able to afford those red leather threads back in the 80s!)

One of Oates’ answers speaks to the enduring dynamic between these guys…

” ‘You play your song and I’ll back you up, and I’ll play my song and you back me up.’ That’s what we do.”

This notion of backing one up got me thinking how cool it is – not just in music, of course – but in all aspects of life to have someone backing you up while you’re playing your song.

Mrs. McCullough backs me up every day when I’m playing my song (especially when I may miss a note or two) and of course I am proud to stand as the Bubba to her Gladys Knight.

It’s a good feeling, while performing on this stage called life, looking over your shoulder and seeing your backup singer. It’s equally special being responsible for adding the harmony in another’s life as well!

I hope you have a good backup singer in your band!



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