Can I have this dance?

It was a wonderful evening cutting the rug with Zoe at this year’s Father Daughter Dance. I didn’t do as much two steppin’ as in years past (too bad I didn’t get to use all those new moves I’ve been practicing), and I wasn’t alone. We dads were on the floor for a couple of songs in the beginning of the evening. It didn’t take long for the girls to send us back to the table with our sweet tea so they could whip their hair back and forth on their own – dads relegated to the sidelines with our camera’s clicking away like a bunch of well dressed paparazzi.

Today, leading a Conga line - tomorrow, who knows!!

This is our third Father Daughter dance. I truly enjoy them. And I’ll enjoy them while I can because I know the clock is ticking away to the day when some little snot nose knucklehead comes knocking on the door. I’m trying not to get too crazy about that. Instead, I think I just enjoy the beautiful evening I had tonight with my little girl.


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