Taylor vs Tom

Forget the presidential primary and the NCAA Tournament (go Orange!). The real competition this spring is who will go home next weekend with a coveted Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award.

I know you all have voted for your picks, if not there’s still time!

Zoe and I reviewed the nominees and made our selections. Pretty routine stuff until we came to the Favorite Buttkicker category (something the folks over at the Oscars might consider).

Among the candidates Taylor Lautner – the buff, dreamy-eyed wolfchild from the Twilight flicks. Lautner is competing against action movie veteran and fellow midlifer Tom Cruise.

This is where the McCullough vote split – like Florida in 2000.  Zoe, a loyal member of Team Jacob selected young Taylor and yours truly – Scientology and jumping on Oprah’s couch not-withstanding put a mark in the checkbox next to Mr. Cruise.

Controversy ensued.

Zoe stated her case for choosing the wolfboy – an cogent thesis that went well beyond his chiseled abs. She reminded me of Lautner’s break out performance in Shark Boy and Lava Girl – which was a pretty cool movie.

Rather than defaulting to my usual (drooling mad rant) argument when it comes to today’s action figures who can only dream of still being in the game after a quarter century career, I stayed calm and pleasantly escorted her to Cruise’s IMDb page and walked her through (boring her to tears) several of Cruise’s pivotal roles. I almost had her at Risky Business, but she stood her ground.

We agreed to disagree and continued with our picks.

Given Nickelodeon’s demographic, it’s a safe bet Cruise will walk away empty handed – unless of course a bunch of old farts like me commandeer their kids’ log on credentials and stuff the virtual ballot box for ol’ Maverick.

I can’t wait for the 2037 Kids Choice Awards to see if Taylor is still breaking hearts and kicking butts – that is if there’s cable in the rest home and my hard-edged floor nurse let’s me stay up to watch.



  1. Ajen

    Bet… let’s do this.. I’ll round up my peeps (30+ folks) and flood the site with votes. We’ll show those youngins!!! LOL

    I am glad you held your ground with Zoe. It sounded like it got pretty rough when you had to unleash the stats on your her. Next year, do you research well in advance and have that powerpoint on cue!

    Us old folks are rooting for ya 🙂



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