48=24 to 50

No, I’m not taking up numerology as a hobby – and for the one or two of you who remember Mrs. Garfield’s Algebra class circa 1979 – you know arithmetic ain’t my strong suit!

48=24 to 50

This numeric mnemonic is just my little way of reminding myself that I’ll be 50 in 24 months. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with my bucket list and I certainly won’t be regretfully looking back at the past four dozen years.

48=24 to 50 

This is simply my commitment to a personal goal. It’s a goal to use the next 24 months to get where I want to be. It’s a mission to regain a grip on a few things mentally, physically and a couple of other ‘allys’ that I think I’ll keep to myself for now but will certainly share when the time is right (of course guesses are always welcomed).

The next two years really aren’t any different from the past two years or any other two years over the past 48. It’s just that with the milestone of the big 5-0 clearly in sight, I believe the next two years will be a critical time to get a few things right and engage in a little personal realignment.

48=24 to 50 

Fear not, I won’t be channeling my inner Deepak Chopra and getting all new age in my advanced middle age. In fact, I don’t plan to harp too much on my little two-year quest for self-improvement, but from time to time I’ll take a break from our regularly scheduled programming and – if you’re interested – provide you updates on my progress along the road to half-century land!

Stay tuned and wish me luck!




  1. Kay Lorraine

    48=24 to 50
    “It’s a goal to use the next 24 months to get where I want to be.”

    65=55 to 70
    It’s a goal to use the next 24 months to get where I want to be. You see, I’m further down the track than you are. But here’s my dirty little secret: I always wanted to be a lawyer. Things happened that prevented me from ever going to college. I raised a family, became President and CEO of a mid-sized nation corporation, spent 17 years as a non-profit executive. But always considered my dream to have left my grasp.

    This year I became inspired. I took the LSAT. I scored high enough to easily get into to Law School but found out that I could not be admitted until I had my bachelor’s degree. I have less than one year of college accumulated in various classes over the years. So I decided to fight for my dream.

    I have enrolled in an accredited on-line college. I am taking double classes as well as CLEP tests to test out of some classes. My goal is to complete 3+ years of college in 18 months and enter the September 2013 class at University of Hawaii as a full-time law student. At that rate I will graduate from law school 6 months before my 70th birthday.

    65=55 to 70
    It’s a goal to use the next 24 months to get where I want to be. And in the next 24 months, where I want to be is law school.

    Happy birthday to you. Where do you want to be? Are you really going to make us guess?

    Kay in Hawaii


  2. Myrna


    Fifty is a piece of cake for most people. my dad died at 50. I am cosiderably older and had a transplant 6 years ago. Getting older keeps getting harder. Keep trying to get better.


  3. adorse1

    Happy birthday John! I don’t have a big milestone coming up any time soon. Maybe 32=36 to 35, although I haven’t thought about what 35 means to me yet, I feel like its a time when I want to put things in place to be on the right track when I get to 48= 24 to 50. I look forward to seeing your posts as you count dwon.


  4. adorse1

    Happy Birthday John! I have about 16 years before I get to 48=24 to 50 but I’m trying to get things in place at 32=36 to 35 so that I’m on the right track for where I want to be when I get there. Look forward to seeing your posts as you count down.


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