A few hours of history

I don’t think I’ll be traveling to Boston, Little Rock or even Simi Valley anytime soon. That’s OK, because earlier this week the family took a trip to the presidential museum in our backyard. The library dedicated to the 39th President of these United States, one James Earl Carter.

We finally got to check something off our Atlanta things to do list. Mrs. M. and I have wanted to visit the Carter Library since landing in ATL some six years ago. We probably would have never made it were it not for Zoe’s request make a return visit. She’s been there before on a class field trip.

A day away from the office with the McCullough girls is always a treat, but our impromptu visit to the Carter Library was an especially exciting outing. Strolling through the exhibits brought back memories.

Live and let live kind of guy I am, I try to stay away from politics here at the Chronicles. That’s why I don’t plan to speak too much about the pros and cons of President Carter’s four years in office. But I will say that those Carter years – 76 to 80 – are when I began to pay more attention to the world around me (sitting in the those long gas lines will do that to a kid).

Fast forward to the present day, Zoe is more impressed with Mr. Carter’s post White House years than his four years on Pennsylvania avenue – which I guess is a good thing. Could we have a philanthropist in the making?

I’m proud of my daughter for wanting to spend a few hours of her Spring break at a museum of any sort – something I certainly wouldn’t have done forty years ago!

Zoe - Carter Center

The kid doesn't look too bad, even in a make believe Oval Office


One comment

  1. Marcia Clarke

    You are very lucky and should continue to nurture Zoe’s interests every chance you get. I find museums, art exhibits and any type of cultural outings to be one of the best ways for children to learn. Even better if they think is fun and see that you have an interest in it too. Way to go Dad!


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