Press Play

I try not to get too philosophical in these pages. It’s too much of a headache causing strain on my small brain. But this evening, I’ll throw an ice bag on my dome and carry on. 

A couple of mornings ago I was stuck in traffic on the way to making the donuts.

Many thoughts crossed my mind – among them why am I stuck in traffic (way too deep of a conversation to have now). In an attempt to quell my inner road rage – I flicked off my car radio and silenced what passes for Atlanta traffic coverage (man, do I miss Newsradio 88) and plugged in my portable MP3 device.

Then I debated, do I queue up one of my playlists or do I scroll to shuffle songs mode, press play and let the fates decide what flows through my speakers? 

Here’s where things get a little philosophical.

Sitting in traffic, fooling around with my music player got me thinking, should life be a series of organized playlists or is it better to live in shuffle mode – simply press play and listen to the songs you’re dealt? 

Far be it from me to say which is the better way to live one’s life – maybe life is best lived in both modes – some structure and from time to time a little randomness – hit the button and hope you like what you hear. 

OK. That’s enough armchair philosophy for now. It’s time to go to bed. Need to rest up in preparation for more deep thinking tomorrow in case I’m again stuck in traffic.



  1. Karen

    I agree with Marcia. A little bit of both. There are times where organiztion and structure is called for (say, preparing for a trip overseas). But once you’re on the path, a little surprise and sponteniaty won’t hurt!


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