What are you doing this summer?

I only ask because besides making the donuts daily from 9 to 5,  I don’t have a clue what I’m doing this summer, unlike my daughter and her friends who are planning to engage in all sorts of activities once the school year ends. 

It’s sad that once we fling that mortarboard in the air and graduate from going to class to entering the working class – the days of hot fun in the summertime, summer loving had me a blast, and  hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck feeling dirty and gritty become just another three months of punching the clock.

Sure, we may take a week or two of vacation, but that’s nothing compared to the June to September fun fests of our youth.

I enjoyed my summer breaks – a lot – from the days of watching the Price is Right with my grandmother every morning before running the streets ‘til dark (Which you could do and still live to talk about in the 70s) to the more organized sessions at summer day camp – travelling to Phillies games and trying not to drown in Lake Lenape.

Then there were the high school and college summers…a blurry mix of internships, making up 9th grade Algebra, secret crushes, Coppertone coated hours (Yes, I can burn if I’m not careful) hanging out on the beach and Boardwalk, road trips to Great Adventure (Six Flags to those of you under 40), concerts at the Spectrum and Tower Theater and various summer gigs. 

One summer job in particular comes to mind – working as a busboy/porter at Nash’s Restaurant and when dinner service was over, the wide-ranging conversations I’d have with the enterprising, young businesswomen (…and some I thought were women) peddling their wares around New York avenue.

Good times…better memories.

So while sleeping in and waking up to Bob Barker, Boardwalk splinters, running the streets ‘til dark and watching Schmidty and the Bull at the Vet are no longer summertime options, I will just have to  live vicariously through my daughter and her crew.

Hopefully they will be making memories they too can ramble on about in their middle age.


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  1. findingourwaynow.com

    Very fun Post. I had been a dishwasher at one time during on of my summer holidays. It was something I never want to do again but I did have fun watching all the goings ons. You are right, summer breaks when young were a hoot and offered up many great memories.


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