Stop and smell

I have no green thumb skills and very limited botanical knowledge. That’s why I can’t identify the flowers pictured below. 

A new morning smell

All I know is that they have a very sweet aroma. I know that because I tend to linger there most mornings smelling them– in this field down the block from Casa McCullough – when Rocky takes me on my morning walk. 

No, I’m not going to go off on a take time to stop and smell the flowers rant – well, maybe a mini-rant. 

I’ll just say there is something peaceful and dare I say medicinal about smelling fresh flowers in the morning. I enjoy inhaling the bouquet – snorting it in like a club-goer in the 80s. 

I try to hold on to this aroma, like text in my clipboard, so that those sweet smells are available to paste as needed, later, onto my day – during those times when things start to stink. 

The scent of morning coffee, the cinnamon on the oatmeal (that I wish was bacon) and a splash of that fancy cologne the girls gave me last Christmas are all special scents in my daily ritual. But this spring, a new aroma has gotten my olfactory attention, and a pleasant day is assured when I take time to smell those roses…or whatever the heck those flowers are!



  1. Pamela Courtney

    It looks to be gardenias. We have several in our yard and we sit out in the evening on the porch (we’re rural southern bred folk) and delight in the perume. From your picture, i’m not sure which is sweeter, the dog or the flowered shrub.


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