Rocky and the rainbow

I wonder if my dog has some hidden mystical powers?

A couple of weeks ago I shared the story of the aromatic mystery flowers that grace our morning walks. Earlier this week, when we took our evening stroll we were treated to a rainbow on the horizon. 

(In my best Judy Garland) “somewhere over the rainbow…”

What makes this so interesting – at least to me – is that this particular day was anything but filled with rainbows. It was more of a metaphorically gray sky kind of day. 

Of course by the time Rocky and I hit the streets for our nightly jaunt, I usually have at least one glass of something grape under my belt, so I’m generally in a good mood, but on this occasion, any vestiges of a bad day immediately burned off in the glow of this un-expected treat in the early evening skies. 

They say pets can put us in a better mood. So far, in just a matter of a couple of weeks, Rocky has been the catalyst for helping me start my day on a sweetly aromatic note and on this particular evening, end it on a surprisingly colorful one.

Maybe next week we’ll run into a Unicorn!




    How right you are. Our pets force us to smile when we think we can’t. They make us move when we aren’t interested and love us when we are not always lovable. In this case Rocky has guven you the gift of seeing the world around you. 🙂


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