To app or not to app

I was having  a chat with a friend over the topic of Internet-enabled mobile phone applications – better known as  smartphone apps. To my surprise I learned this pal doesn’t have any apps on their phone – and they make no apologies for going app-less.

Believe it or not, I actually find this refreshing! There are still people out there pleasantly living their lives without requiring cellular communication device applications.

I remember around 12 years ago – at the turn of the century, a friend had – what was at the time – the latest in cellular technology. It was a small (based on 2000’s design standards) folding device. It was so fancy it came with a nifty holster so you could look super cool wearing the device on your belt – kind of a cross between Batman and Capt. Kirk.

Can you hear me now?

Too cheap to be an early adopter, it took me awhile to catch up, but I eventually conformed. Regardless of how swanky those early devices were, their applications were limited to contact directories, calendars and alarm clocks. If you were lucky, you might have Mine Sweeper or some similar game.

Now, we’ve got apps for our apps.

I’m embarrassed to admit I have an app that tells me when to change my disposable contact lenses, as if the dry, scratchy sand-in-your-eye sensation outdated lenses provides wasn’t enough of a reminder.

It just makes me wonder how we and our ancestors survived (and were productive) back in the dark ages when an app was something you filled out for a job, or a slang term for the small dish you enjoyed before the entrée at your favorite restaurant.

Maybe I’ll forgo all apps… make a U-Turn and go back to the days when there were no apps – when cell phones were the size of small children. What the heck, maybe I’ll travel even further back to the not so high tech days of calling cards. Why stop here? Maybe I’ll go way, way back to the days of carrying change in your pocket so you could use a pay phone in an emergency!

Of course I would need an app to find a phone booth.


One comment

  1. Coretta_MusingMoment (@3DMusingMoment)

    Funny post. Somehow, if you have to be reminded about your contact, I don’t know that you can turn back around. I resented having to get the smartphone with all of the fancy apps. I don’t use a lot of them, but “Angry Bird” does come in handy while I wait during appointments. It’s a lot quiter (no sound on) that making calls while waiting because I don’t “talk” on my cell phone in public places…maybe I’ll find a phone booth instead.


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